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Displaced Tribals From Sardar Sarovar Dam Get Land

Fishing and Farming were the major means of livelihood for Vadgya Vasave and 2 other Bhil tribal families of Shahada Block who were displaced from the banks of Narmada River to Narmada Nagar, Nandurbar district, Maharashtra in the year 1995.

These tribal families were displaced by the government for Sardar Sarovar Dam project and were promised 5 acres of land each. But after years of getting displaced, they were given only 2.5 acres of land in 2000. According to Narmada Water Dispute Tribunal Award guidelines the PAFs (Project Affected Families) are supposed to be compensated with land in return of their submerged land. 20 years have passed but they haven’t received their promised extra land.  And of the 2.5 acres distributed to them, due to some discrepancies in paying these farmers the owners were not giving up their land.

The displaced tribal family approached the District Collector many times , but in vain. Then with a video documenting the families' anguish, the CC moved the community into action. He filmed the video at community screens, organized rallies and protests at the Sardar Sarovar Department in Taloda Block and Nandurbar block, demanding justice to the three families. They submitted an application which gave an ultimatum post which the lands of other farmers be forcefully occupied. Fearing this, the administration sent a revenue officer to meet them on the protest site a month later and agreed to provide the land. Thus each of the 3 families received 5 acres of land as was promised to them.

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