Disability doesn’t hinder your ability to achieve

"Since he can't use his limbs waist-down, he props his body up and walks on his hands. In fact he does much more than most of us even try doing. ""I swim, climb trees, change tyres, do carpentary and electronic works, drive a car. "" Augostinho says a matter-of-factly. While people would assume that walking on hands will be tiresome and painful, Augostinho puts that arguement to rest too by saying, ""My wife suggests that I use a wheel-chair to get around, but I would rather walk.""

Augostinho was a toddler when a wrong medical diagnosis left his legs in pain, and shortly completely immobile. However, the unfortunate incident did not limit him from leading a normal life.

A successful singer and a musician in Carmona, a village in South Goa, where he gives private tuitions to 40 children of the locality area. Today Augostinho's determination and grit to succeed in the world has earned him respect and space in the society.

But his childhood and youth, he faced many difficulties, including ridicule and harrasment from people. ""I used to go to Panjim for my college and people would create unnecessary trouble for me. When I used to get tired of walking, and would sit down to rest, people thought I was a beggar,"" recalls Augostinho. But his patent grit proved to be going strong even amidst such lowly behaviour all around him. ""I ignored what people thought of me and focused on completing my college,"" recalls

Seeing Augostinho do so much with his life make us realise that we are very limited in our hopes from the disabled. Maybe it is a mental block"

Impact Story

A Video Report helped the farmers repay their loans.

/ September 2, 2022

The Farmers from Dhondegaon village in Nashik district have been visiting NDCC (Nashik District Girna Co-Operative Bank) repeatedly to finish their loan account for the last 2 years.

Farmers are pushed to despair with huge bank loans

/ August 26, 2022

The farmers are saying without the Government’s intervention, it will not be possible for them to repay the loan or the interest. They were driven to despair. 

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