Denied Job card and his rights to give his family a proper life.

IndiaUnheard Community Corespondent, Gayatri Devi reports from Hedredi Village, UP. Mohanlal lives in Amdedkar Nagar in Hedredi village. He does not have a job card and is forced to live in situation where it is difficult for him to feed his family of 8. He had applied for the Job card under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment  Guarantee Scheme in 2012.
According to the scheme one gets a job card within 15 days after submitting the application. But Mohanlal is still waiting for his job card. When the Village sarpanch was asked about the matter by Gayatri, he said,
“People like Mohan do not work even after they get a job card, why should people like him get a job card if they dont work?”
Gayatri wants that Mohanlal should get his Job card as its his right, so he can improve his way of earning livelihood and feed his family properly.
Call to action
To help Mohan lal, please call Village sarpanch-Manoj Kumar on his mobile number- 09838132384, so that Mohanlal gets his Job card

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