Delayed Death Certificate Leaves Widow in Debt

In November 2012 Anita Budra lost her husband Joseph to an illness. Since then she has been waiting for the death certificate to arrive from the local village office.

For his part Joseph left behind orderly paperwork to ensure that his wife would be able to sustain herself. The death certificate is essential for Anita to get access to the bank account to which she's been named a successor. With a family of 3 children to take care of Anita has had to borrow money from family and neighbours to get by.

Her debt and the future of her family have been hanging on Anita's head. She has been making regular visits to the Panchayat office in Merangutu where the certificate is to be issued. The official there has repeatedly ignored her requests.

Call to Action: Please call the council member Bhushan Bandra on 09693811590 and ask him to issue Joseph Budra's death certificate immediately.

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