Dalits denied the right to build house

A crime is committed against a  Dalit every 18 minutes, according to a 2010 report by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on the prevention of atrocities against Scheduled Castes.                             

This is probably the reason why 50 residents of Rajwara village in Bihar are forced to live in thatched huts even after getting land under the Indra Awas Yojana which is one of the many programmes of the Ministry of Rural Development in India to provide shelter to the shelterless Whenever they start constructing, the upper caste family destroys them. The upper caste family has threatened to kill them if they build their house.

The Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955, and the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, prescribe punishments from crimes against Dalits that are much more stringent than corresponding offences under the IPC. But atrocities against them happen on a daily basis despite such laws preventing the same. Community Correspondent Amit Kumar wants this injustice to be put an end to.

The Woes of Musahar Community

/ October 11, 2022

This video shows a Musahar community of Bhadohi District, Uttar Pradesh. They were settled next to a forest, away from the town area, because of their ‘untouchable’ status. Community Correspondent Anil Kumar here reported a heart wrenching story of a young boy picked up by a wolf from the nearby...

Families in Bihar Living Under Extreme Stress of being Forcibly Evicted

/ May 9, 2022

In the Katihar district of Bihar state, 60 families are staying in shanties next to the State Highway. But they have to be relocated, because of the Highway expansion project, and that is the issue.

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