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Rural Health Workers In India Risking Their Lives | COVID 19 Report

In Italy, France and Spain, more than 30 health care professionals have died of the coronavirus. 14% of Spain confirmed coronavirus cases are medical professionals.

The situation for Indian health workers will be much worse if we don't learn from global mistakes. In Maharashtra, and in many other states of India, Asha Health Workers have been asked to make door to door visits to identify the sick and to monitor those who have recently returned home from the cities.

Though these measures will go a long way in combating the spread of the virus, the health workers are risking their lives travelling outside with no protective gears. Rohini Pawar, our Field Producer who is also an Asha worker, says that she and her fellow health workers have not been given sanitizers, hand gloves or masks to ensure their safety. To top this callousness, the Asha Workers don’t get paid for this highly risky job.

As the urban world endlessly debate the pros and cons of ‘work from home’, those in rural India are battling with issues that are much more basic - of everyday survival.

If the health departments all over the country make the mistake of turning a blind eye to the challenges reported in this story, we will be risking millions of lives.

How are India’s remote districts surviving the Covid 19 virus? With the country under lockdown and planes and trains grounded, it’s even more challenging than usual for the mainstream to cover these regions. But VV’s 200 Community Correspondents have you covered, and are keeping a close eye on the government’s and villagers’ response to the crisis. Watch our channel for a ground-level view of the regions most at risk. See how iCovid is affecting jobs, migration, health, infrastructure, livelihoods, food supplies and more. We bring you those reports and more.

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