Corruption Steals Homes, Victim Fights Back

22 families left homeless by corruption in Ramgarh, Jharkhand

About the Video: In 2005, 22 households in Duru Bedwa village, Ramgarh district, Jharkhand received Rs. 15,000/- each. Under the Government’s Indira Awaas Yojana the money was given to the below-poverty-line families to start the process of turning their mud huts into pucca shelters. This initial amount allowed the families to build the foundations and basic structures of their new homes. They approached the officials asking for the sanction of the next instalment of Rs. 30,000/- as promised by the scheme. The officials asked for a bribe of Rs. 1000 to be paid by each family. The people protested. Most earning members in the community were earning less than Rs. 30/- a day. This amount had to squeezed and stretched between entire families.

Seven years have passed and the 22 structures have begun to come apart.  The families have been left helpless.

Our Community Correspondent says: Community Correspondent Manju Kisku is one among the 22 families. She says that there have been no dearth of official promises to release the remaining amount but after all these years, it is hard to keep hopes up. “Where we do we turn to?” she says. “No one is willing to look into the matter. The families have given up.”

Call to Action: Manju asks you to call The Sub Divisional Officer, Jaago Mahato  on 9934189981 and pressurize him to look into the matter, punish the corrupt officials, release the remaining money and help 22 families find shelter in their homes.

This is Community Correspondent Manju Kisku’s first video. IndiaUnheard asked her about her experience and how she felt the camera would contribute to her activism.

“My first video is on an issue which deeply affects me. My community has tried everything we could but we have failed. I have made the video in the hope that I can reach out to others who can perhaps help us find a solution to our problem.”

“It was not easy for my people to open up in front of the camera. They were scared. What if their testimonies got them in trouble?”

“I told them that we are not alone in our suffering. There are millions of people who are having similar issues. There are some who have been through similar hardships but have successfully come out of it. It is important that our voices reach them. If we are looking for answers, we must first learn to speak out with questions.”

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