Citizen Journalist in Malegaon Beaten By Corrupt Cops. Read his Open Letter to the Government.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Anand Pagare, Community Correspondent with Video Volunteers  from Malegaon dist., Maharashta.

Today I was covering the corruption among the traffic police officers in Malegaon town during which I was assaulted by them. Five traffic police officers attacked me, seized my camera, deleted the footage and threw the camera on the street. They accused me of fabricating the news and threatened to end my career if I continued to make videos.

The deleted footage contained evidence of rampant corruption along the daregaon highway, of how the concerned officers let off vehicles and drivers openly flouting traffic rules and regulation after collecting a bribe. The officers would never make a receipt or file a case. The money would go straight into their pockets.

When I attempted to remind the officers of their responsibility, the told me that they were not bound by duty to the citizens or the constitution. They told me that they themselves had paid bribes for their jobs to politicians and higher officers and hence they considered themselves above the law.

This is the day to day reality of Malegaon which is increasingly turning into a lawless state where the police themselves are the goons.

As a common man, I find myself caught helpless in the situation. I cannot fight these goondas on my own.

Please tell me what I can do? And if the police itself is threatening me, who do I rely on for my security.


Anand Pagare

Community Correspondent, Malegaon

Video Volunteers



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  1. […] Other than the price there have been other issues that the city has brought with it like dirty city cops with bribes on their mind. While shooting for today’s video Anand had a brush with a group of them. His camera was seized and his footage of the toll gate deleted. The cops thought that Anand was secretly recording them trying to extort motorists passing through the toll gate. It took over a week for Anand to get his equipment back. He is still waiting for a formal apology. (Read Anand’s open letter at the time of the conflict here) […]

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