Chhattisgarh Education Department Adopts a Unique Way to Impart Learning During Lockdown | COVID-19


Chhattisgarh's education department has come up with a unique way to keep children in the habit of learning. Ever since the nationwide lockdown in March 2020 was imposed, all schools in India have remained mostly closed. This has led to many young children forgetting everything they learned in schools and have unlearned the whole habit of going to school.

From the village of Kariyakata in Chhattisgarh, our Community Correspondent Khirendra Yadav reports that the walls of schools and some other public buildings have been painted with basic maths and science lessons to let them be in sight of the children so that they can learn on the go. This has been named the Printreach program by the government.

The local population is happy that this way they will be able to continue learning until things improve. This village is not connected electronically to let the children access online classes.

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