Trafficking & Migration


Trafficking in persons is considered as the second largest organised crime in India. There were 1714 registered cases of persons trafficked in India in 2020, according to the National Crime Record Bureau. Independent reports estimate that in India there are currently 8 million people trapped in trafficking. The National Crime Record Bureau (2020) also states that 778,379 persons are missing.

Video Volunteers has been running a campaign since 2010 to raise awareness, device community solutions, report on and end human trafficking.

In addition to reporting on cases of trafficking, we draw the attention of the right officials and work in tandem with local organisations and families of the victims to get justice and compensation, from the remote areas of India. We also conduct village-level screenings and community meetings in Jharkhand and West Bengal, two areas of the country where trafficking is extremely high. This has resulted in multiple impacts including 40 people rescued from trafficking as of mid-2022.

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Impact Story

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Harihar Nagbansi has been working for the rights of tea garden workers to save them for exploitation and human trafficking,

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Although illegal, but distressingly a reality, human trafficking in India still remains a major issue.

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Trafficking in Bihar is rampant despite the number of schemes and laws to curb the heinous crime.