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Home is Where We Must Start to Dismantle Patriarchy

/ March 8, 2017

This International Women’s Day, let’s radically transform our private spheres into equal spaces This women’s day are you feeling smothered by pink messages extolling your ‘feminine’ virtues? Are you besieged by offers to buy household and beauty products at great discounts? In the last hundred years, since the USSR, in...

Oppression of the Veil

/ December 23, 2016

“I don’t like it, But I am forced to do it…[t]here’s a lot of pressure to veil myself”. This video examines how women’s choices and their voices are repeatedly nulified under patriarchal oppression in the garb of tradition.   The video reveals women performing hard labour like fetching water and...

IU Impact: Community Video Brings Wage Equality

/ October 4, 2011

600 female laborers in Maharashtra get equal pay because of our Community Correspondent Rohini Pawar’s video