A cancer patient battles government’s inactiveness with Hope

At the grand old age of 65, Prabhakar Pradhan is now in the most difficult stage of his life. A cancer patient, he is unable to go out and work. He had hoped that the government’s Madhu Babu Pension Scheme would help him financially. For 5 years he’s had no luck with cutting through the paperwork and now requests you to help. You can ensure he starts getting his pension.

Call to Action: Please call the Block Development Officer, Ashok Mohanty on 09437283745 and ask him to conduct a survey to identify other such elderly beneficiaries in the area. Ask him to ensure they get their pensions.

Community Correspondent Anupama Sathy reports from Tentulia village Kujang block Jagatsinghpur district Odisha. Anupama has raised many stories like Prabhakar’s since she started work as a Community Correspondent. She finds that her videos go a long way in taking the needs of the elderly in her community to authorities who would otherwise dismiss these requests or be unaware of the situation on the ground.

Under the Odisha government’s Madhu Babu Pension Scheme, all individuals over the age of 60 are entitled to a monthly pension of INR 300 per month. Though small, for someone like Prabhakar it is essential to put food on his plate and buy medicines. He explains the situation:

“I’ve applied three four times but the form hasn’t been processed yet. I’ve told the village head and block office but nothing has been done… They keep saying it will happen but not when.”

How can a village head and other officials refuse to acknowledge such paperwork?

Today you can join Anupama and Prabhakar in voicing this demand to Block Development Officer of Kujang. We know this works because many Correspondents including Anupama have succeeded in bringing elderly their rightful pensions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_beJ8OUiw4).

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  1. this suffering soul needs immediate attention and care… before we lose him to just another number…

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