Call For India Unheard Community Correspondents: Nominate your Candidates

Video Volunteers launched its community news service, IndiaUnheard, on 3rd of May 2010. Since then, we have trained 45 people to be community correspondents, voices of an India beyond the margins. Together these people have produced 275 videos released as daily online bulletins chronicling the hearts and corners of the nation. You can view the videos on our website VV’s goal is to eventually have one “Community Correspondent” in each of India’s 645+ districts. And it is now time for us to recruit the next batch of correspondents. Can you help us identify a new group of IndiaUnheard community correspondents? We’re looking for passionate community members whom we can train to become the voice of their communities. Please take a moment to think of people who would benefit from this opportunity, and who could become skilled communicators of the social causes we are fighting for. Here are the criteria for candidates we are looking out for. They must be: • From disadvantaged backgrounds or marginalized communities. • Creative, intelligent and enterprising. • Involved in social movements or NGOs • Able to speak, read and write either Hindi or English. Candidates do not need any media or journalism experience. We will provide them equipment, training and a stipend. As community correspondents, they will be required to produce a minimum of two short videos a month on different community issues, as part of a large network with correspondents from every state in India. We are particularly looking for women. This is a chance to offer a new direction to the grassroots activists you know. It’s a chance to equip the communities you work in with relevant communication tools and enable them to report on everything from rights violations to successful struggles against oppression. It’s a chance to assert and give voice to the diversity on which the very idea that brings India together is rooted in. Read the overview of the program HERE Fill out the application HERE along with the activist you are nominating Read the FAQ, and get all your questions about the program answered.
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