Bihar Villagers Make-Do With Bamboo Bridges As No Concrete Crossing In This Flood-Prone Village


Our Community Correspondent (CC) Tanju Devi reports from the Dhumali Parsa village in Bihar's West Champaran district where the village, that came in news for boycotting the recently concluded state elections, is still waiting for a bridge to be constructed to make their lives easier.

Village girls interviewed by our CC say that it becomes very difficult for them to continue their studies as the village becomes flooded in monsoons. Dhumali Parsa is surrounded by water from three sides and yet there is no adequate infrastructure like concrete bridges. Villagers somehow manage with bamboo bridges but they don't last long. We can see some evidence of a construction that began but never got completed. It has been more than five months since the new cabinet has been sworn in but nobody from the new administration has visited the villagers yet. 

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