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Social Media Ambassador

Do you believe that the right words can get people to listen?

Do you believe that the right voice can get people to act?

Do you think of social media as a platform that collapses borders and unites people?

Do you believe you have the power to inform and transform society?

Video Volunteers wants you to join the change revolution. We want you to be our Social Media Ambassador For Change.

Video Volunteers is an international NGO that works with marginalized communities by training community video correspondents to expose unreported stories from their communities. We publish these stories on various platforms to ensure that the voices from these communities reach out and speak to the world. The correspondents empower themselves and their communities to take action to right the wrongs of injustice, inequality and poverty.

We want thousands of people to start watching the unreported stories of the world, told by “those who live it”.
We want to amplify the voices of these offline communities by being their bridge to the world.
We want to create a platform where the online world can actively participate to bring social change on the ground.


  • A demonstrable commitment to human rights and social justice.
  • “Social media DNA” or strong desire to use it for social good outreach/amplification.
  • A Sense of humour and ability to sometimes find ways of amplifying VV’s serious work in a fun way.
  • The belief that social media is a tool and not a means to an end—in other words, understand VV’s philosophy and share responsibly with an eye to the work on-the-ground.


  • Spread daily VV video reports and other material posted on VV’s social media outlets like YouTube, FB, Twitter, etc. via your own social media platforms.
  • Commit to sharing VV’s material with your network at least 3X a week or as often as you like.
  • Find ways of engaging your audience with the material by personalising it.


There is no pay with this position but we guarantee an eye-opening experience

  • Social media is BIG—it’s not going anywhere & this pro-bono position will be a boost to any career, be it within the NGO or private sector.
  • We will give you an in-person or Skype training to so that you can fully immerse yourself in understanding VV’s work.
  • You will position yourself to be a leader in the kind of social media that changes the world.  Increasingly, communication and marketing jobs require skill in social media.
  • You get to be inspired every day—that is priceless…think daily endorphins!

Join the Change Revolution. We’ll be awaiting your email at

You can Also download this Detailed Information On Volunteering With Video Volunteers, and fill out the Application Form and send this, along with your resume, to Let us also know your time availability and the kind of project you would like to undertake.

You can read more about our past interns and volunteers who shared their experience of working with Video Volunteers here.

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