No Basic Facilities for Malapada School

The Right to Education Act, 2009 guarantees free and compulsory education for all children from 6-14 years.  There is a list of basic infrastructure facilities to be provided for each and every school.  However, students of Malapada Upper Primary School are not getting the facilities they are entitled to. 


Call to Action: Change that today.  Call the number below:


Nakul Sabar, Block Education Officer, Komna Block, Nuapada district, Odisha, Tel: +91 8018365047.


VV-Correspondent Abhishek Kumar Dash reports from Malapada Project, Upper Primary School, Nuapada district, Odisha. 


The school lacks clean drinking water, no toilets, playground or boundary wall.  The head teacher has complained to the authorities many times but nothing has been done about the situation.  That is why you support is needed to rectify the situation. 


We can see from a previous video that VV-Correspondent Abhishek Kumar Dash managed to have clean drinking water facilities installed in Dotto, Nuapada district of Odisha.  This shows how community journalism with your support can bring change in the lives of communities.  We can rectify wrongs. 


Can you imagine trying to study in such a school with so no such facilities?  That is why you need to pick up the phone and change this today.  Pressurise the Block Education Officer Now!


More videos can be found here.


Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu.

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