Bada Hindol district in Odisha gets ANM

Auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM), is the first person of contact for any health services in most of the rural areas. But in Badahindol village of Odisha, where only one health sub-center is accessible to 5 villages, the residents have been deprived of health facilities for the last 10 years. The maternal mortality rate of Odisha in 2012 was 235 which was higher than the National Average.
When Community correspondent Mamta decided to take up this issue in 2013, she saw that the sub-centre had all the facilities but was without an ANM to take care of it. After shooting the video, Mamta along with the members of the community wrote an application to Mr. Rabi Narayan Sahoo, the Officer-in-Charge and showed him the video. They demanded that a health worker be appointed to join the sub- center within 15 days.
With Mr. Sahoo’s cooperation, within 10 days of time, Ms. Ranjita Pradhan was appointed  as ANM in the sub-center.
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