Community Correspondents

Sheela Sheikh

Sheela Sheikh- Village Bhagat Chawki , Block Nawagadi, Munger District, Bihar Sheela Sheikh primarily reports on issues related to women and Dalits When Sheela Sheikh was eight years old, her father’s death forced her family to overcome many new challenges, especially in situations that required combating patriarchal systems. When Sheela began working for the government, corruption and gender discrimination prevented her from achieving her goals. Eager to change these cultures and systems, she joined the Dalit Manvia Adhikar Ayog (Dalit Human Rights Committee) to support her community’s discriminated Dalits. She also worked with the Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch Sanstha (Dalit Women’s Rights Platform Association). These experiences cultivated her new knowledge about the situation of Dalits and women. She applies this knowledge to her reporting for Video Volunteers. She believes her reporting can change issues that have remained unaltered because of a lack of exposure.

Videos from Sheela

No Clean Water for 10 years

/ June 10, 2014

Call to Action: Residents of ManiyarChak village are in desperate need for a water hand pump.  Their hand pump stopped working over 10 years ago and the Village Head has not repaired or replaced it since.  They are having to travel up to 1 K.M. to fetch water from the...

Adequate Anganwadi ?

/ May 29, 2014

Started by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program, the Anganwadi is an all-encompassing health care centre for settlements.  Its goals are vital and comprehensive: to combat child nutrition and hunger, to provide basic health care, and to offer pre-school education.The main beneficiaries...

Anger at Anganwadi

/ May 29, 2014

In 1975 the Indian government decided as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program to introduce the Anganwadi scheme. The aim was to combat child hunger and malnutrition by providing basic health care in Indian villages.  The following were encompassed in the scheme: contraceptive counseling and supply, nutrition education and supplementation,...

Corruption Chokes The Aged

/ March 6, 2014

More than 100 elderly citizens of Maniyar chak, are entitled to receive old age pension. But corruption and ignorance have kept every penny that comes through various pension schemes, slowly choking their chance to survive. Community correspondent Shila Shekh reports from Khandwa village, Munger District in Bihar. Corruption has weakened...