Community Correspondents


Born in a village where there are no schools that teach past the seventh grade, Sarita Biswal had to struggle and persevere to get literate. She wants to be the Community Correspondent of her community so she can make videos on the lack of basic infrastructure which impedes all progress not just in roads and medical services but also in thought and knowledge. With her videos she hopes to campaign and bring about much needed change in her neighborhood.

Videos from sarita

Micro-finance Changes Women’s Lives

/ March 1, 2011

Women in rural Orissa are empowered through micro-finance initiatives.

Ayurveda Helps Villagers Stay Healthy

/ December 6, 2010

People in remote Indian village use Ayurveda to deal with inadequate health care.

Ration Corruption Continues in Rural Orissa

/ November 22, 2010

Below Poverty Line villagers in Cuttack district are constantly cheated of their allotted rations.

Toilets For Villagers – A Success Story

/ October 22, 2010

Successful implementation of government sanitation program brings joy to a rural community in Orissa

School Is Here, Where Is Education?

/ October 7, 2010

The growing number of school going children hasn’t improved the standard of education. Here is an image of that from rural Orissa, India