Community Correspondents

Sajad Rasool

A journalist dissatisfied with his work in the mainstream and a committed Right to Information activist, Sajjad Rasool from Badgam, Kashmir is concerned with the wayward development of his state. In spite of being rich in natural resources and one of the major producers of power, many people in the state still have to manage without basic amenities. According to Sajjad, it is the outcome of a lack of vision, rife corruption and zero accountability within the system. He feels that it is only through community media that he will be able to bring out these stories about Kashmir.

Videos from Sajad

Kashmir Calls Its Pundits Home

/ June 23, 2011

Altough the majority of Kashmiri pundits fled the valley, some stayed back under the protection of their Muslim neighbours.

Kashmiri Carpets Near Extinction

/ May 17, 2011

Due to low profits, Kashmiri craftsmen are slowly abandoning carpet weaving.