Community Correspondents

Sajad Rasool

A journalist dissatisfied with his work in the mainstream and a committed Right to Information activist, Sajjad Rasool from Badgam, Kashmir is concerned with the wayward development of his state. In spite of being rich in natural resources and one of the major producers of power, many people in the state still have to manage without basic amenities. According to Sajjad, it is the outcome of a lack of vision, rife corruption and zero accountability within the system. He feels that it is only through community media that he will be able to bring out these stories about Kashmir.

Videos from Sajad

Indian Army Occupies & Destroys Kashmiri Paradise: ToasMaidan Firing Range

/ October 3, 2012

In the beginning was a meadow. An open grassy expanse surrounded by snow-tipped hills. Brooks and springs ran down the valley and pooled into lakes. Scattered through the region were little settlements and villages whose inhabitants are mostly farmers and shepherds. Fruits, rice and maize were the main crops and...

People Live Roofless While Timber Rots in Govt. Depots

/ September 24, 2012

Timber lies rotting and undistributed in govt. timber depots

Kashmir’s Roads Are Falling Down

/ August 1, 2012

Kashmiris wonder if it’s corruption, apathy or both?

Jammu and Kashmir Dying for Health

/ May 16, 2012

For more than three years, a hospital remains unbuilt, and it’s killing the people of Raithan village.

Kashmiris Demand Improved Health Care

/ March 14, 2012

National Rural Health Mission fails to provide accessible health care in Budgam district.

Kashmiri Pot keeps you Hot

/ February 9, 2012

Traditional furnaces keeps Kashmiris warm in winter.