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Renchano Humtsoe

I am a Lotha Naga tribal, living in a small town called Wokha in North East part of India. I had to travel to Shillong to study my BA as n my town there are not enough educational opportunities. Shillong is a small, but modern town and when I was there, I realized that in Wokha people were missing out a lot of things, including the basic facilities like power, water etc. At that time I decided to become a social worker and journalist. But again, the opportunities of joining an organisation in Wokha are very limited because all the good ones are in big cities. But through my work with IndiaUnheard I feel like I am doing something towards my goal, and I can do it while living here. We are seven siblings in my family and I am the only girl left at home, since my mother passed away two years ago. So it’s not easy for me to leave just like that. My family is happy with the work that I do with making videos. So far I haven’t had trouble getting people to talk to me and give me interviews, which makes me more sure that I want to continue with journalism.

Videos from Renchano

Laboring with Hand Tools Alone

/ May 10, 2010

In Nagaland’s Wokha district and elsewhere women still engage in back-breaking labor with nothing but manual tools to till the soil.