Community Correspondents

Mukesh Rajak


Mukesh Rajak joined as one of the youngest Community Correspondents in 2010. In the past seven years, he's evolved into a seasoned activist. With several videos focusing on irrigation, agriculture and corruption in Jharkhand’s educational system, Mukesh was awarded the Vivekananda Yuva (NGO) 2011 Excellence in Community Reporting award by the Chief Minister of his state. Mukesh occasionally produces and make videos for other NGOs working in his area.

Videos from Mukesh

Faith For Some, Money For All

/ October 21, 2010

Rural fair provides employment, marketing opportunity to local artisans in India’s Jharkhand.

Peda – Sweet LifelineOf Jharkhand

/ September 29, 2010

Sweet dish Peda provides livelihood to nearly a hundred thousand people in Jharkhand state of India

Defenceless Woman Branded ‘Witch’

/ August 25, 2010

Despite a law in place, poor women from marginalized communities in Jharkhand continue to be branded as ‘witches’ and tortured.

Illegal MiningWho’s To Blame?

/ August 17, 2010

Lack of livelihood opportunities is forcing hundreds of poor Dalits into illegal coal mining in our correspondent Mukesh Rajak’s state – Jharkhand.

Truant Teachers Cut Class

/ July 15, 2010

Jharkhand has the highest rate of teacher absenteeism in the country.

Pay Bribe, Take Education

/ June 30, 2010

Jharkhand suffers from an acute shortage of ethical, quality and committed teachers.

No Rain No Grain

/ June 14, 2010

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy.

Artisans Seek Local Market

/ May 14, 2010

Mukesh Rajak tells the story of bamboo artisans who lack a proper market to sell their goods.