Community Correspondents

Mercy Kamei

One of the most intrepid Community Correspondents in the IndiaUnheard network, Mercy Kamei is from the minority Rongmei Naga Tribal community in Manipur. Taking risks to report hard-hitting stories of insurgency, violence, injustice and neglect, Mercy speaks out for her community and others like them who have been denied basic rights and are wrongly persecuted as enemies of the state and lesser citizens. Fed up with the mainstream media distorting images and stories, she seeks to report raw, undoctored voices from the ground and piece together the real picture.

Videos from Mercy

Choosing Own Religion Seals Fate Of Manipuri Families

/ July 1, 2011

In some places in Manipur, Christians are confronted with violent discrimination.

Critical Plebiscite For Manipur’s Independence

/ June 7, 2011

Insurgents demand a plebiscite but the climate of fear is likely to hassle the process.

Manipuri Transgenders Seek Acceptance

/ May 24, 2011

Despite their efforts to fit in, the transgender community still faces frequent discrimination.