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Margaret Jeoji hails from a dalit Christian family in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, a state where the local media are all mouth-pieces of political parties, where the upper caste refuses to let go of its orthodoxy and where the women have been suppressed in the name of tradition. Margaret is a staunch human rights activist and feminist who has been working with community and women’s groups. She is exasperated with the media in her state which alternates between mindless entertainment and party propaganda and has no space for dalits, tribals and women. Margaret wants to cover the issues and concerns of her community from a women’s perspective.

Videos from Margaret

A Blinding Road to Fill One’s Plate

/ July 27, 2011

In Trichy District, TN, blind people struggle to cover the 5 kilometers that lead to the ration shop.

Public Toilets In Disrepair, Villagers Suffer

/ June 22, 2011

In Kokkarapati village (TN), dilapidated public toilets cause difficulty, disease and humiliation.