Community Correspondents

Mani Manickem

Mani Manickem

Helping others after he himself was assisted is a natural progression for M. Mani, who is working towards becoming his community’s parliamentary representative in the next five years. Between working with Aid India and as an IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent, Mani has education, health, corruption and empowerment covered – and is addressing issues related to them to the benefit of everyone in his community and beyond.

Videos from Mani

Eggs Boost Iron Intake In Students

/ November 24, 2010

The Tamil Nadu government has introduced  eggs  as part of the midday meal scheme to reduce iron deficiency.

Indian Transgenders Seek Job, Dignity

/ November 2, 2010

Members of the Transgender community in India’s Tamil Nadu request the state to give them jobs and the right to a life of dignity.

Liquor Sans Bill Strategy To Kill?

/ October 6, 2010

Adulterated alcohol kills hundreds in India every year. This video highlights one of the reasons why it happens: Shops sell alcohol without a bill.

Chennai Slum’s Sanitation Woes

/ September 22, 2010

Over a million slum dwellers don’t have access to basic sanitation in Chennai – home town of this video’s correspondent.

Tamil’s Transgender Community

/ June 29, 2010

Indian society has a 4000-year history of pushing its male to female transgender community into becoming Hijra.

Garbage Plagues Chennai

/ May 27, 2010

Trash problems are a big concern for any state including a place like Chennai.