Community Correspondents

Mani Manickem

Helping others after he himself was assisted is a natural progression for M. Mani, who is working towards becoming his community’s parliamentary representative in the next five years. Between working with Aid India and as an IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent, Mani has education, health, corruption and empowerment covered – and is addressing issues related to them to the benefit of everyone in his community and beyond.

Videos from Mani

Ambedkar Statue Put Behind Bars

/ May 26, 2011

Dalits feel insulted after an Ambedkar statue had to be protected with grills in Chennai.

Dalits Raise Voice Against Land Usurpers

/ April 26, 2011

In Kanchiwaram, Tamil Nadu, Dalits are fighting to get land that had been donated to them.

Tribal Girl Yearns For College

/ March 31, 2011

Alamelu has been waiting for her community certificate to enter college for more than one year.

Proposed Dump Site Threatens Water Source

/ February 10, 2011

Chennai’s lake Chembarambakkam will be polluted if a proposed dumping site is built.

Kabbadi Star Emerges From Chennai Slum

/ February 1, 2011

A kabbadi player from Chennai slums becomes national star.

Tamil’s Transgender Community

/ December 27, 2010

Indian society has a 4000-year history of pushing its male to female transgender community into becoming Hijra.

Technology Grows Over Slum Dwellers

/ December 16, 2010

Development of IT parks in Chennai isn’t accompanied by development of neighbouring slums.

Corruption Makes RTI Meaningless

/ December 8, 2010

Appointment of Information Commissioners who uphold the RTI Act is not done transparently in Tamil Nadu.