Community Correspondents

Jai Kumar

Punjab might have a reputation for being a prosperous state, but the state of sanitation affairs in Jai Kumar’s community left him the lucky survivor of a bout of gastroenteritis, leaving a trail of death and despair in its wake. What it also left behind was ‘Gastroenteritis Plagues Ludhiana’s Poor’, Jai’s IndiaUnheard video that prompted district health official to send in a clean-up crew, organize a health camp and distribute free medicine. His first video, ‘Corrupt Cops Ignore Rape’, resulted in a case being filed in support of a Dalit girl in his community who was gang raped, despite the police’s initial refusal to do so. Through his work as a Community Correspondent, Jai continues to capture the reality of the struggles and successes of his community and surrounding areas.

Videos from Jai

The Forgotten Murder of Ludhiana

/ November 18, 2011

In Punjab, a sweeper is killed in broad day light while wife awaits compensation

Live Wires of Ludhiana

/ November 7, 2011

People fear electrocution as monsoons submerge open wires.

JNNURM gives Hope and Anguish to Slum

/ September 1, 2011

Slum dwellers in Ludhiana are still waiting for the National Urban Mission to deliver.

Deadly Pollution in Buddha Nullah Water

/ April 29, 2011

In Punjab, Buddha Nullah channel is highly polluted and threatens the health of the people living on its banks.

Lives Wasted In Gutters

/ April 15, 2011

Two manual scavengers were killed while working without any safety

TB Kills In Punjab’s Dirty Slum

/ March 14, 2011

A tuberculosis epidemic is spreading in Durga colony, Ludhiana, while health care remains scarce.

Gastroenteritis Plagues Ludhiana’s Poor

/ January 13, 2011

Gastroenteritis takes lives in Ludhiana, due to lack of medical support and sanitation.

Green Poison On People’s Platter

/ October 5, 2010

Traders play with people’s lives in Punjab, India, sell vegetables laced with chemical dye that causes cancer.