Community Correspondents

Halima Ejaj

24-year-old Halima from Dhanbad district is the only female Correspondent Changemakerin Jharkhand who belongs to a religious minority background. Halima has had her share of social work experience. She has worked in 30 villages of her district while spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS and other health issues. Other than health, she wants to work on issues like forced evictions, gender inequality and development as a video campaigner.

Videos from Halima

A Poem to the Panchayat: a plea for old age pension

/ May 5, 2015

May 5th 2015 | Jharkhand, Dhanbad District, Baghmara block, Chatrutand Panchayat, Murlidih Village | Halima Ejaz More than a dozen beneficiaries of Old Age Pension have not received any money in a decade. They have tried all possible routes to avail their entitlement but each of their pleas have been...

Dedicated Nurse-Midwife Provides Services Against All Odds

/ January 22, 2015

22 January 2015: Baghmara, Jharkhand This Republic Day in India, hundreds of women and men will be awarded for their bravery and service to the nation. There will be countless others like Ahilya Devi who will remain unsung heroes despite their tireless efforts to serve their communities. Ahilya Devi, a...

A Decade of Negligence

/ May 12, 2014

Don't be fooled by the smile on their faces, they have learnt to deal with government negligence the hard way. CC Halima Ejaz's first ever video brings to light, the plight of over 120 families still trying to access basic amenities and benefits from government schemes in Jharkhand, even after...