Community Correspondents

Bhan Sahu

Bhan Sahu thought being poor meant walking a kilometer to school and then having to drop out when she was eight years old, until she started working at an NGO and realized there were others even less fortunate than herself. Her interest in education didn’t wane, however. Using video as a tool to bring people together, her Community Correspondent reports for IndiaUnheard focuses on education and the rights of tribal people.

Videos from Bhan

The Boy who Cooks and Cleans – Gender Equality is not so hard

/ November 24, 2016

Rohit helps his mother and sister by doing the household chores, setting an example of gender equality in his patriarchal community.

Corrupt Contractor deprives village of Health Center

/ February 2, 2016

8 years ago the local government started work on a health centre in UsariBod village of Rajnandgaon district in Chattisgarh. A contractor was selected and paid money to start the work. 8 years later all the villagers can see are sludge-filled foundations, probably breeding mosquitoes to add to their woes....

Caught between the lines

/ August 20, 2014

Bastar is one of the districts worst affected by the current naxal conflict in the state of Chattisgarh. There has been no development for the tribals from Abujhmad region. Their traditional handicrafts business is also diminishing. With Abujhmad’s sources of livelihood curtailing, 25 such families have already migrated to Silpi village....

Good Deeds over ‘Good Caste’

/ August 6, 2014

The enforcement of any disability arising out of Untouchability shall be an offence punishable in accordance with law as per the Article 17 of the Indian Constitution. It was drafted in 1949 specifically to eradicate & abolish the practice of Untouchability. Yet 65 years later, the practice still reigns in...

Help Palsingh get a tricycle

/ August 6, 2014

As a child you might have participated in three-legged races where your legs are tied together. 10 – 15 kids desperately hopping to finish line. Some give up while others are determined to reach the finish line. Now imagine doing that for the rest of your lives… Not that funny...

Village Headman facing discrimination

/ August 6, 2014

“In happiness or in suffering, we are always kept aside,” says Kinsuram Chow the village head of Domha Tola village in Chattisgarh who is facing the burden of being born into a caste considered and treated as “untouchables”  in India. Even though Kinsuram is working hard to make his village...

The Weary Wait for Wages

/ August 6, 2014

Over 30 villagers of Munjal, Rajnandgaon have waited for more than a year to receive wages owed to them by the Forest Department. Please call M.R Meshram, of the Chhattisgarh Forest Department on (0)9424138277 to ensure the people of Munjal get their dues immediately. As part of the Forest Department’s...

Installments Stalled

/ July 23, 2014

After getting land tenure under the Forest Rights Act 2006, families in Munjal needed to build their homes. They were promised money under the Indira Awas Yojana to do this but never got the entire amount. They fear their voices will get lost in a bureaucratic maze and want your...