Community Correspondents

Basanti Soren


Basanti Soren comes from a mining, industrial and cultural hub in Jharkhand. Her district holds a strong position on the mineral map of the country which creates some fundamental problems for the locals. Basanti’s village, Lopongtandi in Ramgarh district is only a kilometre away from the East Parej Coal mine.

For years she has witnessed how the mining has left the landscape scarred and ravaged. She has been associated with the Jungle Bachao Andolan, a movement to conserve the remaining forests of the area. Since joining VV, life hasn’t been the same for Basanti. Through VV she got a platform to raise her voice and work on issues close to her heart. As a video activist, Basanti is documenting the illegal mining in her community and its affect on people.

Videos from Basanti

Treated like garbage: Lesser known consequences of mining

/ March 24, 2014

The East Parej open coal mine in Ramgarh district, Jharkhand has left the landscape scarred and ravaged after nearly a decade of mining activities. The communities displaced by the mines and those on the borders of it, live out their days in a cloud of soot. Community Correspondent Basanti Soren’s...