Community Correspondents

Basanti Soren


Basanti Soren comes from a mining, industrial and cultural hub in Jharkhand. Her district holds a strong position on the mineral map of the country which creates some fundamental problems for the locals. Basanti’s village, Lopongtandi in Ramgarh district is only a kilometre away from the East Parej Coal mine.

For years she has witnessed how the mining has left the landscape scarred and ravaged. She has been associated with the Jungle Bachao Andolan, a movement to conserve the remaining forests of the area. Since joining VV, life hasn’t been the same for Basanti. Through VV she got a platform to raise her voice and work on issues close to her heart. As a video activist, Basanti is documenting the illegal mining in her community and its affect on people.

Videos from Basanti

Coal fire is burning a village since 20 years

/ April 22, 2016

As we all celebrate the World Day today, a village in Jharkhand continues to be engulfed by noxious fumes coming from a coal mine fire as high as three floors nearby. Kujju-Collieries Mines in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand has been burning continuously for 20 years now, putting lives of nearly...

Villagers made to pay more for ration

/ February 10, 2016

In Noniyabeda hamlet of Mandu block in Jharkhand, BPL card holder are paying INR 40 for 33 KG. Under the PDS, BPL card holders are entitled to 35 KG of rice at 1 INR/KG. When community correspondent Basanti Soren inquired with the Ration Distributor, Mr Manoj Modi, he denied any...

CCL shies away from responsibility

/ September 22, 2015

Mandu block, Jharkhand | Basanti Soren Nearly 25 kms of road between Charhi and Ramgarh is in bad shape. The repair and upkeep of this road is the responsibility of Central Coalfields Ltd (CCL). Coal Dumper trucks use this road frequently. Monsoon ruined the already sordid state of the road...

Too much coal, very little water

/ January 15, 2015

January 15; Ramgarh, Jharkhand Unchecked mining leads to many adversities, dropping levels of water in the ground is one of them. Parej East Mining Project, in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand, has left the surrounding areas dry. Villagers who work as manual labourers have no access to drinkable water and the only...

Land Taken on Name of Development but no Compensation, Mandu Block, Ramgarh, Jharkhand

/ December 31, 2014

The Central Government’s recommendations to make significant changes in the Land Acquisition Act 2013, most significantly the removal of the consent clause have left civil society and human rights activists shocked. The changes have been justified by those in power as a means to make the process of acquisition much...

Displacement- Pretend Promises, Damaged Dreams

/ July 9, 2014

“They said so many things before uprooting us, but did not fulfill their promises.”   This is the case for residents of Turitola village, who were uprooted from their homes in the name of development but not given adequate compensation.   Call to Action:Help them now!   Prakash Chanda, General...

Abundance in Nature

/ June 27, 2014

“There is peace and tranquility in nature and it cannot be replaced by the riches of mansions.”  VV-Correspondent Basanti Soren reports from Bansbunwa village, Jharkhand.  Bansbunwa meaning bamboo forest is the perfect name for this bamboo haven.  People from nearby villages like Raouta, Lukaiya, Ulhara, Pindra come to pluck bamboo...

Towards Equality for Girls

/ May 5, 2014

There is a great outrage in the country to curb acts of violence against women. But violence is not the only problem girls and women face in the country; at every stage in their lives, hurdles appear in the form of discrimination both subtle and obvious. For many it starts...