Community Correspondents

Anupama Sathy

Anupama Sathi is a Community Correspondent from Jagatsinghpur district Odisha. She has been involved in helping organisations and students file RTIs in her area. She feels that her involvement in organisations like Mahila Ayog, a women’s rights group, has given a massive boost to her self-confidence. On the India Unheard platform, she wants to make videos that highlight community level problems such as corruption and government inefficiency.

Videos from Anupama

RTE failures in Odisha

/ September 23, 2014

Students at the Repur Primary School in Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha are being forced to study in a school that is unsafe.  The mid-day meals are prepared in unhealthy environment, toilets don’t function and the state of classrooms is degenerate, reports Community Correspondent Anupama Sathy. The back of the school opens to a...

Success: Karatotha Upper Primary school gets a new teacher

/ September 18, 2014

Following this report by Community Correspondent Anupama Sathy, the Upper Primary School in Karatotha block of Jagatsinghpur district in Odisha got a new teacher. The administration has assured that the condition of the school premises is about to get better and new classrooms will soon be built. This will help...

A cancer patient battles government’s inactiveness with Hope

/ August 5, 2014

At the grand old age of 65, Prabhakar Pradhan is now in the most difficult stage of his life. A cancer patient, he is unable to go out and work. He had hoped that the government’s Madhu Babu Pension Scheme would help him financially. For 5 years he’s had no...

Help Get 25,000 People a Doctor Today!

/ July 16, 2014

Absentee doctor, medical negligence and lack of concern for the health and welfare of residents of Potanai village council.  Let’s turn that around for the better today.   Call to Action:  Pressurise the Chief District Medical Officer to appoint a regular doctor at the Potanai Health Center.    Dr. Bijay...

Meet 85 yr old Kanduri Barik who was robbed of her house

/ July 3, 2014

“They had sanctioned a house in my husbands name earlier.  But they took away the total amount of money illegally.  Now they are telling me, ‘You have received it.’”   This is the sad story of 85 year old Kanduri Barik from Potanai village who was meant to receive a...

The World’s Leading Cause

/ March 14, 2014

Lack of sanitation is the world’s leading cause of infection. It is a serious health risk and an affront to human dignity. It affects billions of people around the world, particularly the poor and disadvantaged. If the trend continues as currently projected, by 2015 there will be 2.7 billion people...