No social life for a low caste Harijan

A low caste Harijan belonging to the cobbler caste is being looked down upon as low and undignified by the rest of the residents in the village. No invitations for social events like birthdays, weddings or funerals are extended to him. The barber refuses to cut his hair or give him a shave in fear of getting polluted by is touch. He only serves the upper caste people and is scared of getting polluted by the Harijan’s death.
Article 17 of the Indian Constitution; make the practice of untouchability a punishable offence. But instances like this is an everyday occurrence in many of the Indian villages. This video is part of a series meant to urge the National Commission for Schedule Castes, which is the government body that is constitutionally appointed to direct and implement the safeguards against untouchability, to prosecute cases of untouchability.


‘British Time Had Better Medical Facilities For Tea Garden Workers Than Now’

/ April 19, 2021

Why hasn't the Plantation Act been implemented that cares for the welfare of tea garden workers?

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