Article 17 – End Untouchability Campaign

Video Volunteers’ launched its ARTICLE 17 Campaign on 14th April 2012. Since then Community Correspondents have captured 52 cases of caste-based discrimination on camera their cameras. Local video journalists have spent the last few years not only documenting untouchability across India but also demanding its abolition. Because these men & women belong to the communities themselves, they have been able to capture intimate images rarely witnessed by outsiders.

“As a child, I had experienced untouchability at school where I was forced to sit and eat separately from the children of upper caste families,” says 24-year old Community Correspondent Neeru Rathod from Gujarat, who has filed at least a dozen cases from Gujarat. “We wanted to give viewers the responsibility, as witnesses, to end this age old oppression once and for all.” For all those who believe that untouchability practices are a thing of the last century, these videos will relate a different story.

VV along with its partner Human Rights Law Network has filed a Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court of India asking the government to take stringent measures to implement Article 17 of the Indian Constitution. Let’s End Untouchability.

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