Untouchability: Dalit children excluded from temple festivities

Untouchability steals the right of children belonging to Dalit community(considered untouchables)to be included in temple festivities unlike all other children, in this village.

As per Article 17 of the Indian Constitution, untouchability is a punishable offence. However, that doesn't stop the many social atrocities committed against the Dalit community across the country. In this video, we see how Dalit children are made to sit outside the temple during a religious function while the other children go inside. So deeply-ingrained is this culture of prejudice that even the children have seemed to 'accept their fate'.

This video is part of a series meant to urge the National Commission for Schedule Castes, which is the government body that is constitutionally appointed to direct and implement the safeguards against untouchability, to prosecute cases of untouchability.

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Manual Scavenging in India: Illegal, yet in Practise

/ October 17, 2019

In India, we continue to practice manual scavenging, a derogatory practice, confined to people belonging to lower castes and resulting in their deaths.

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Extreme Caste Discrimination Leaves Puri’s Dalits Threatened and Looted

/ July 5, 2019

One of India’s biggest religious hubs, Puri, is also a hub for atrocities against Dalits by upper caste individuals.

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