IndiaUnheard Impact: Anganwadi Back On Track

/ June 9, 2011

Sunita, our Community Correspondent in Rajasthan ends corruption with her video

IndiaUnheard Helps The Gay Community To Organize

/ April 25, 2011

Sarwat’s video on homosexuality made a first step for change in the gay community in Raipur.

Discussing development and technology in IndiaUnheard training

/ March 10, 2011

I  just arrived in Video Volunteers at the beginning of the week. I will intern in the NGO for 6 months. Since I will work on the India Unheard project, meeting the Community Correspondents (CCs) was very important to me. It was the occasion for very rich encounters, and a...

Our CC Brings Change, Wins Award

/ January 14, 2011

Mukesh Rajak, our Community Correspondent from Jharkhand, India helps end corruption in a school in his community and is given Youth Award.

IndiaUnheard Impact: Corruption Ends In School

/ January 7, 2011

Corruption ends in one rural school in India’s Jharkhand state thanks to IndiaUnheard

Our VideoBrings Change

/ August 19, 2010

An IndiaUnheard video has helped over 500 people in a remote village of Manipur in North East India get healthcare for the first time.

Video Volunteers launches in Brazil

/ December 14, 2009

-Jessica Mayberry How can the disadvantaged earn a living from their creativity? Why are nearly all the “base of the pyramid” micro-businesses supported by microcredit agencies based on manual labor, or super-local activities like driving a rickshaw or running a small shop? Since much of the music we love today,...

How Can VV Grow Hybrid Businesses?

/ October 19, 2009

Jessica with Samvad CVU, 75% sustainable from outside projects. There’s an ongoing conversation, in the west at least, about the death of old media. Traditional journalism, magazines, book publishing houses, broadcasting stations, the corporate music industry – all are scrambling to find revenue as advertisement dries up and more and...