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Abhay Deol, Actor

Acclaimed as the finest of the young Indian actors, Abhay Deol studied arts in Los Angeles before making his debut with the Hindi film Socha Na Thain 2005. He signed on as the Ambassador of Video Volunteers in 2010. Since then he has been working with the Video Volunteers’ team to promote the work of the organization along with taking time to meet and interact with the Community Video Units and Community Correspondents.

Watch Film Star Abhay Deol talks to Videoactivist Amit Kumar  – Read Full Story here 

Watch Abhay telling Zoom tv why he supports Video Volunteers.

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Stephen Lang, Actor

You may know celebrity actor Steven Lang as the villainous colonel Quaritch in Avatar, but in reality he believes the camera is a stronger weapon than the gun. He’s became a champion of using cinema for the empowerment of the most disadvantaged, and has recently made a video endorsing the global media organization Video Volunteers. Says Steven Lang,”Video Volunteers is creating a kind of grassroots Reuters. They have created an alternative media in places that don’t have cinemas or TV or even regular electricity. As an actor, it is amazing to see people who have so little producing such interesting media.” Watch the endorsement video here:

To know more about the life and work of Stephen Lang, click here

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