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Agrarian Crisis: The Survival of Indian Farmers I India Loud & Clear I 4

The never-ending crisis raging the fields and lives of Indian farmers.

"This week in India Loud & Clear we travel to the drought and debt-driven lands of India’s farmers heartlands. From the suicide belts in Maharashtra to devastated farmers in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Odisha. A survival journey!

Even after 73 years of independence our farmers who are toiling to feed our nation, he himself is hungry, deprived, and distressed? Unseasonal rains, droughts, and floods, still ails Indian agriculture. The farmer has reached the brink of despair, and what they are experiencing is something which is beyond an agrarian crisis.

India Loud & Clear is the weekly news show produced by Video Volunteers, the media organization by and from Community Correspondents. We bring you no breaking news, no sensation, only community voices.

Stories from Community Correspondent, Shankarlal Raikwar (Uttar Pradesh), Tanju Devi (Bihar), and Saroj Suna (Odisha).



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