Project Coordinator

The Video Volunteers Network is launching a documentary filmmaking project, with the support of the US Embassy in Delhi, and is seeking to appoint two program coordinators with the following duties. The goal of the project is to train 60 young filmmakers in five consular regions to produce 15 documentaries, and then to organize five film festivals. We are looking for two full-time Project Coordinators to join us for this exciting project. 

Please apply with resume and a cover letter to 

Position: Project Coordinator (full time)

Vacancies: Two

Location: Goa, India

Duration: 12 to 16 months

Start Date: Immediate


Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee all project activities and be the main contact point for the donor and the field staff
  • Responsible for overseeing the execution of project deliverables, budgeting, and action plans and monitoring processes, such that we achieve the results specified in the grant agreement.
  • Responsible for submitting activity reports, meeting minutes and financial reports on regular basis to the donor

Recruit participants and trainers and Launch the Project

  • Create announcements regarding the project
  • Publicize them within colleges and the filmmaking community within the five consular areas
  • Interview, shortlist and select candidates
  • Travel to the various cities as part of recruitment and organizing trainings
  • Identify potential trainers to be hired as consultants to work on the project and facilitate creationof training material
  • Select VV Community Correspondents who will participate in the project
  • Purchase/organizenecessary equipment for the project
  • Work with the designers on collaterals (posters for the training, fliers, logos, etc.) as required

Organize Trainings

  • Identify and book five venues, one per city, where the workshops will take place
  • Work with participants and trainers to arrange their travel
  • Work with the director and training team to design the curriculum.
  • Assist in drafting the training materials. Copy-edit them and oversee the review process, and printing process.
  • Handle logistics and all organization during the workshops themselves.

Oversee Productions

  • In between workshops, participants will work in teams on productions. Be the point person for all queries and troubleshooting from the particpants as they make their films
  • Monitor the productions to ensure they are being produced on time.
  • Coordinate the review process for the films

Organize the Film festivals

  • Create a plan for the film festivals, including panels and awards to be given
  • Book the venue and invite key guests as speakers and attendees
  • Manage the logistics during the festival itself


  • Create reports for the donor at inception, after each training and at close of project and as may be required

Key characteristics

At least three years experience in event management and/or filmmaking

Excellent writing skills in English

Experience of working with youth on cultural projects is a plus

Leadership skills and ability to resolve conflicts – a great manager

Fluency in Hindi and English

Very good programmatic problem-solver, who can step in and take charge in a challenging situation

Highly resourceful and able to execute creative solutions

Experience in NGO M&E and compliance, and in reporting tools like log frames is a plus