Community Radio

Video Volunteers was the secretariat of the Community Radio Forum (CRF) from September 2008 to February 2010, and Stalin K, the Managing Trustee of Video Volunteers, was the Convener of the forum.  The CRF is the only representative body of community radio practitioners in India.

Stalin was instrumental in the lobbying efforts which led to the passage of the community radio broadcasting bill in 2007, that legalized community radio for the first time in India.  He was part of a team that drafted much of the new Community Radio Policy in operation today.

In 2011, Video Volunteers designed strategy for Shramik Bharti, an NGO in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, which is setting up community radio programs and training 20 people, and the Managing Trustee of Video Volunteers, Stalin K. also designed and trained two of the earliest community radio stations in the country, at the NGO KMVS and in the district of Dangs.

If you are an NGO, with a plan to set up a community radio station and looking for collaboration and partnership opportunities, please write to us about your current work and a sketch of your plan at:

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