A Culture Forgotten is a Culture Lost

For the Adivasis of Jharkhand, culture is their last bastion of hope. Jharkhand is reeling with multiple  problems of corruption, poverty, human rights violations and undemocratic actions against the people. It is in these situations that cultural traditions like music & dance emerge as one of the main things that bring people together and give them faith. Community Correspondent Priyasheela is an Adivasi living in Ranchi. Priya, a mother of two, considers one of the biggest challenges while bringing up her kids, the task of ensuring that they have big city privileges and are, at the same time fully aware of their rich heritage. When she enrolled her son in a summer camp, she was hoping his free time would be well spent. Says Priya, "This summer camp is a great idea. It gives my son a chance to meet & play with other kids as well as learn new things. It's good that the Arts & Culture wing of Jharkhand has organized this. However, I found that while their camp included a lot of singing and dancing, none of it was even remotely relevant to Adivasi traditions. Do our songs and dances not qualify to be considered part of Jharkhand's tradition?" The grace of an Adivasi comes from their belief that walking is a form of dancing, and speech, a song. To not include their dance & music, is simply another way of ignoring their existence. Priya asks that viewers call Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, Secretary, Jharkhand Arts, Culture, Sports & Youth Affairs Ministry (?) at 0651-2408888 and ask that Adivasi cultures be incorporated into future initiatives undertaken by this department.
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The Student Teacher Ratio and School Area needs improvement

/ November 24, 2022

In this video of UPS Manwan Awoora school, Kupwara, Kashmir, the community correspondent Pir Azhar shows us that there are nine classes for 250 students, and due to lack of space, the lower primary classes are held outside in the open. Also the school has only 7 teachers. 

The Sinking Houseboats of Kashmir

/ November 23, 2022

Houseboats are a major tourist attraction in Kashmir. History says that this tradition started in the 1800s and since then it has created a unique heritage in the tourism industry.

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