May 2015

The Hard Fight for Building Schools in India

/ May 12, 2015

95% of India’s schools fail to meet the standard of infrastructure set by the Right to Education Act. This is the story of two community correspondents attempting to fix the system. In 2010 a boat carrying seventeen children capsized, resulting in the death of two girls. For those children, the...

Impact: Combatting Corruption

/ May 6, 2015

In 2005 the government of India set up ambitious plans to bring electricity to about 1,25,000 villages through the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Scheme. In the ten years since, the crores of rupees spent to bring basic infrastructure to rural areas has had an impact. However 44.7% rural household in...

No Electricity Endangers Crop

/ May 27, 2015

27th May 2015 | Gawarla, Chandrapur, Maharastra | Krupakar Chahande Farmers from Gawarla village in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra have no access to electricity. They paid for the electricity connection 2 years ago yet no meter or appropriate set up has been done to ensure electricity supply. When they approach...

Gang Rape in return for love: caste-based violence

/ May 26, 2015

An upper caste boy raped a girl and her mother, along with other 4 men. The girl belonged to lower caste and was not allowed to be involved in a relationship with someone belonging to the upper caste. So, they broke in the girl’s home late at night and started...

Three Killed in Manual Scavenging Accident

/ May 25, 2015

Nashik District, Maharashtra | Maya Khodve In December 2014 three men lost their lives at an accident at their work site. All three were conservancy workers who had been hired by contractors working for the Nashik Municipal Corporation. The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act 2013,...

Women workers demand social security & financial aid

/ May 18, 2015

Nashik, Maharshtra | Maya Khodve CC Maya reports on the plight of women workers at a garbage dump in Nashik. They demand social security and financial aid on account of low daily wages and the hazardous environment they work in. Lack of proper safety gear can lead to death:

Students suffer the brutality of teachers

/ May 15, 2015

Kohigia Village Council, Jajpur District, Odisha | Biswanath Patra Even though the Right to Education act prohibits the use of physical torture in government schools, it remains a disturbingly widespread practice across the country to beat students to discipline them. This report documents one such incident, where a teacher severely...

Studying in Fear

/ May 15, 2015

Agara Village, Bhatiagarh, Madhya Pradesh | Aartibai Valmiki The gaping cracks in this school building have filled the hearts of teachers, students and their parents. But in the absence of any other school in the vicinity, children continue coming here, putting their lives at risk to get an education. It...