March 2012

Mumbai Slums Divided on Redevelopment

/ March 30, 2012

Redevelopment pits Mumbai Slum dwellers against each other.

Woman Sarpanch Brings Change to Rural India

/ March 29, 2012

Sukhvantibai leads the way in Chhattisgarh

Price Rise Hits Below The Poverty Belt

/ March 28, 2012

 Rampant inflation hits Assam’s underprivileged hardest.

We Will Give Our Life But Not Our Land

/ March 27, 2012

The Koel Karo resistance refuses to back down.

Indian Gods Lose Soul to PoP (Plaster of Paris)

/ March 26, 2012

Traditional artisans of Chhattisgarh are ignored by people and the state

Traditional Pots Bite the Dust

/ March 26, 2012

Pottery in Haryana suffers without government and popular support.

HIV Positive Women Demand Livelihood Options

/ March 23, 2012

HIV positive women in Manipur struggle for their livelihood.

TATA,CCL Choke Jharkhand Villages

/ March 22, 2012

Coal mining is drying up the villages of Ramgarh, Jharkhand