January 2012

Bhisti Community Usurped By Taps

/ January 31, 2012

Bhisti Community, who used to provide water to Kolkata’s inhabitants, is slowly disappearing.

The Dalit Massacre of Paramakudi

/ January 30, 2012

Tamil Nadu Police uses teargas, lathi and guns on unarmed dalit protesters.

MHADA Makes Bhil Tribals Homeless

/ January 27, 2012

Development authority displaces Tribals in Malegaon, Maharashtra.

Unemployed Pay Bribes for Jobs.

/ January 26, 2012

MGNREGA in Rajpur, M.P., defrauds the unemployed.

National Holidays mean ‘Curfew’

/ January 25, 2012

In North East India, National Holidays mean ‘Curfew’.

Poor Drainage Stops Town in Tracks

/ January 24, 2012

Bridge underpass in Madhupur, Jharkand floods every monsoon.

100,000 People to March for Land Rights

/ January 23, 2012

People of India march from Gwalior to Delhi for land reforms