October 2011

Harsh Realities of Dalits In India

/ October 31, 2011

64 years of freedom and dalits remain captive. In this special video, the IndiaUnheard correspondents across the country shed light on the continuing social, economic...

Youth Lose Lives in Dangerous Waters

/ October 31, 2011

No safety for unsuspecting swimmers in Solan district

Bollywood Star Abhay Deol Interviews Dalit Activist Amit Kumar

/ October 30, 2011

Amit Kumar is from Ladwa town in Kurukshetra District, Haryana. He is a former police constable turned committed dalit activist. He has a BA in...

Mumbai Demands End to Corruption

/ October 28, 2011

Residents of Mankhurd, Mumbai came together to protest kerosene price hikes.

Temporary Education Hits Rural School

/ October 27, 2011

Lack of Permanent Teachers Hinders Higher Education in Rajasthan.

Harsh Realities of Dalits in India

/ October 25, 2011

64 years of freedom and dalits remain captive.

Communications for Change: VV at WSSCC Global Forum on Sanitation &...

/ October 25, 2011

Naomi Hatfield Allen, Outreach Manager at Video Volunteers recently had the opportunity to participate in WSSCC Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene.  The first ever Global...

Awareness Spread through News Boards

/ October 24, 2011

In Nashik, Maharashtra, news boards are making a steady comeback.