September 2011

Villages Lit Up By Solar Lanterns

/ September 30, 2011

In a village in Cuttack District, Orissa, a village now has access to sustainable light after sundown due to solar technology.

Barefoot and Grassroots: The Story of Apna Malak Maa

/ September 30, 2011

“Some of the places we work in are not even marked on the maps,” says Jeetu Makwana, former manual diamond polisher turned firebrand dalit activist...

Video Volunteers on ViewChange: Local Stories Go Global

/ September 29, 2011

We’re excited that our videos can now be seen on a new platform, called ViewChange. ViewChange is a website created by Link TV, with support...

Kohima Buried Under Garbage

/ September 29, 2011

Litter lines the streets of the State Capital.

Polluted Water for Villages

/ September 28, 2011

In Gairsair village, Uttarakhand, a lack of clean drinking water continues to be a problem for villagers.

3rd IU Camp, Day 2: Impact, Dissecting Power and above all,...

/ September 28, 2011

Your tools are your voice, your camera, your video, your ideas and your passion. Your stage is your community. Now, how do you get the...

Life saving equipment a dream for sewage workers

/ September 27, 2011

Imagine walking around on a hot, humid summer day. You feel sweaty, tired, and dehydrated. Now imagine if you were unblocking sewers full of human...

3rd IU Training Camp, Day 1: Video + Activism

/ September 26, 2011

“When I joined the IndiaUnheard program, I was a wanderer. My house and community was anywhere where I pursued my activism, where I choose to...