July 2011

Hospital digs Graves of Women Children

/ July 8, 2011

Dhuna Bai, a tribal woman from Barwani district, Madhya Pradesh is very angry. Last December, gross negligence by medical authorities in the district hospital, a government appointed 24 hrs delivery and mother child care centre, resulted in the death of her 22year old daughter-in-law Byapari Bai. It was the 25th...

Dr. Binayak Sen: "Everybody has the right to Peacefully Retaliate"

/ July 29, 2011

Binayak Sen has been released on bail on April 15, 2011. It is time to celebrate. India ultimately paid attention to its activists, its intellectuals and the common men who voiced in favor of the doctor. The world’s largest democracy has taken note of national and international pressures. Let’s rejoice!...

Binayak Sen On IndiaUnheard

/ July 29, 2011

Our Community Correspondent, Sarwat Naqvi, talks to recently released human rights activist Binayak Sen.

Farmers Lose Land To Railway

/ July 28, 2011

The construction of a railway track in Tamenglong district has raised concerns among the villagers.

A Blinding Road to Fill One’s Plate

/ July 27, 2011

In Trichy District, TN, blind people struggle to cover the 5 kilometers that lead to the ration shop.

Resisting Exploitation In The Maximum City

/ July 26, 2011

In Mumbai, workers employed by the biggest biomedical waste treatment factory are on strike, demanding better work conditions.

Using Media To Resolve Conflict Within The Community

/ July 26, 2011

This is the second of a 3-blog series by Jessica Mayberry, the founding director of VV on the of Community Video Unit (CVU) – the organization’s pioneering community media model,  in addressing sensitive issues such as caste, sex and gender, and find innovative ways to deal with them. To read...

Kerosene Distribution Corrupt, Needy Distressed

/ July 25, 2011

In Malegaon, subsidized kerosene meant for the poorest is diverted by the distributors.