February 2011

Saundariya: The Nameless Community

/ February 28, 2011

Meet the Saundariyas of Chhattisgarh – a community that scavenges for gold.

Capturing Stalin in an apolitical frame

/ February 27, 2011

His long hair tied into a ponytail, dramatic speech and side-splitting humour does not deflect the gravity of issues he deals with. In turn, he ends up communicating powerfully. With a zest to bring the suppressed voices of communities to the mainstream media, he launched a non profit ‘Video Volunteers’...

Cremation Customs Pollute Ganges River

/ February 25, 2011

The Ganga in Allahabad is being polluted by the tradition of immersing cremated corpses.

Gurjar Protests Create Havoc

/ February 24, 2011

A marginalised community in Rajasthan demands reservation, inconveniences local villagers.

Walhe’s UntouchedLeprosy Patients

/ February 23, 2011

In 2005, India ‘eliminated’ leprosy. But in rural belt, large number of leprosy cases go unregistered.

Cock-Fights: A Social Evil

/ February 22, 2011

In Orissa, an annual cock-fight festival becomes an excuse for gambling and alcoholism.

The Dying Beat of the Dhol Drum

/ February 21, 2011

‘Dhol’ players are not performing as much anymore in Gairsen because of a preference for recorded music.

IndiaUnheard Training Camp 2011 – First Day

/ February 21, 2011

Today is the first day of the IndiaUnheard training camp and we are so excited! 16 community correspondents who have all been producing videos for the last one year have all been streaming in today and yesterday. They are here to both celebrate their achievements, brush up on training, and...