15,000 people fighting for MGNREGA payments

In Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh, 15028 people from 61 panchayats in Tamnar block have not received MGNREGA payments for 7 months. The Circle Officer and Programming Officer have been showcasing utter callousness and apathy towards the situation.

In a meeting with all the Sarpanchs(village heads) and the Sachiv(administrative secretary), it was decided that until due payments have been cleared, no further work will be taken. When they approached the CO and PO again regarding the payments, they were yelled at and pressured into resuming the MGNREGA work. But when the women Sarpanchs stood their ground considering the situation of their people who have been working tirelessly and surviving merely on water, their firmness was met with anger and blatant dismissal from the PO.

Community Correspondents Rajesh Gupta and Savita Rath documented this issue after seeing the plight of a whole block suffering from a tyrannical CO and PO. 61 panchayats participated in the rally against such tyranny from government officials. They now demand immediate disbursement of due payments and removal of the CO and PO if the apathy and unapologetic behaviour towards people's problems continues.

Please call and message the District Collector of Raigarh, Alamelmanagai D. on 9425580306 in support of Tanmar block's fight for their dues.

Community Correspondent Rajesh Gupta reports from Chhattisgarh for IndiaUnheard. This video was made by a Video Volunteers Community Correspondent.See more such videos at www.videovolunteers.org. Take action for a more just global media by sharing their videos and joining in their call for change.

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